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Lava | Honed

A multi-purpose volcanic stone which can bring a touch of elegance to an industrial setting or, conversely, a rugged element to the most refined setting. 
The severe simplicity of Lava makes it suitable for a wide range of applications for both interiors and exteriors. Its intense dark shade teams up wonderfully with both bright colours and more natural hues.

Available in Honed, Rough-honed, Sandblasted, Infinito and Chiselled finishes.

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We strongly recommend that before installing lava you apply primer to the rear of the tile. This will ensure that the glue is not absorbed into the stone, and that it holds to the surface to which it is being applied. Being a volcanic stone, Lava is highly absorbent and as such, will require a substantial amount of treatment to render it suitable for a kitchen environment.

Our stone leaves the factory untreated as the level and type of treatment will always depend on the context in which the stone is laid. With each order we provide detailed installation instructions setting out directions for grouting, pre-treatment, gluing and final treatment.

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Honed | designed by Salvatori

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