PROJECT DESCRIPTION                                                                                                             
Daniel Libeskind won the competition to create eight residential buildings, the Museo della Moda and a tower which together form part of the ongoing Citylife project in Milan. The architect has also been assigned the construction of another tower. 

Libeskind wanted to create 700 individually unique, prism-shaped balconies, to be entirely clad with our Silk Georgette stone. The architect’s idea was to create custom-made formwork to be filled with concrete. After taking away the moulding, the resulting concrete form would then be clad with the stone. However, this solution not only entailed huge costs because it involved creating 700 different forms and erecting scaffolding to fix the stone with mechanical anchoring, it also overburdened the structure with a considerable weight.

After a careful examination of the issue, we developed a very effective solution: we proposed the creation of simple and identical balconies to which a light steel structure could be attached with girders placed in the reinforced concrete. In this way each balcony can be customized at will with a tilting adjustment system. The main work therefore concerns the structural steelwork; the stones can be placed directly on the steel frame in the factory and trucks can transport up to 10 balconies at a time. No scaffolding is needed for installation, but just a long arm crane to hook the balconies to the prepared girders. This method, which delighted Libeskind, enabled both costs and timing to be reduced by 50%.

DESIGNER: Daniel Libeskind