Franz Siccardi

If you asked Franz Siccardi what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would say “a sculptor, but I made a more practical choice and enrolled in architecture school … whenever possible I carry over my passion into my work”, which is precisely what occurred with Ta_volo®, which he designed for us.

This is a project that truly conveys his love for stone and iron – two materials that come alive through skilful interpretation, taking on and reflecting back an unusual warmth.

Franz Siccardi is an architect who loves to do research to get to the heart of a specific problem; which explains why, when he devotes himself to interior design he also includes unique pieces, suited to the setting he is working on.
His dream, if he had time, would be to transform his studio into a real laboratory where he could create pieces designed by himself.

Working in Milan, Switzerland and Romania, he focuses on the areas of architecture, design, and urban and landscape planning, but a common thread runs through it all: passion and attention to detail in everything he does.