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Gravity Paperweight

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A perfect sphere of natural stone

Marble is a grounding stone. It embodies feelings of self-security, strenght and stability- It provides for strenght of self-control, helping control our thoughts. As a mineral, it is used to provide both clarity anda states off impasse durign meditation practices. MArble brings good ‘common sens’ in all home-related matters but aldo in one’s person heart. It provides protection, balance and structure which is what we mostly need in this moment, both physically and emotionally. Marble can inspire artistic endeavours, just as it has inspirad the most prominent sculptures in previous centuries.


Originally from Hindurism and Buddhism, Mantra means a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.
From the noble material that is marble, Gabriele Salvatori has created Gravity, his mantra.
Gravity is a sphere that holds a number of contrasting elements; its shape calls for absolute perfection but its inner space holds the imperfections and veins of the marble itself.
An object full of inner meanings, Gravity symbolically represents the conflicts that we encounter in everyday life. The two stones used for the realisation of this object are Bianco Carrara and Nero Marquinia, the two elements that meet to favour creative thinking and imagination, something that can only exist in relation to its opposite.