Kilometro Rosso is a Science and Technology Park located just outside the northern Italian town of Bergamo which hosts a range of companies, research centres, laboratories, high-tech production facilities and providers of innovative services.
The architectural project was developed by Jean Nouvel while the interiors were created by Studio BLAST. Studio BLAST chose to use Salvatori’s Crema d’Orcia for all the public areas of the “Professional Centre”, a space given over to reception as well as a meeting place for all the research activity that takes place across the campus. The same stone in much larger slabs was used for the tread of the huge main staircase, while Chiselled Lava was employed for the riser.


In addition to all the flooring of the building, Studio BLAST wanted the vast staircase to bend to create a rim and so form a long seat seemingly suspended in mid-air.


In order to satisfy this request, we decided to use Chiselled Lava for the riser to contrast with the colour of the tread.
In this way the grey colour of the riser curving around the vertical wall becomes a three dimensional volume which, thanks to the use of LED lights inlaid into the stone, creates the effect of a stunning floating seat.


Designer: Jean Nouvel – Interiors Studio Blast