Cleaning a shower tray in natural stone doesn’t have to be arduous and in fact requires no more care than other materials.

Every Filo and Ishiburo shower tray which leaves our site in Tuscany is treated with a protective sealer designed to repel water and oil-based stains, however like any shower tray a little TLC will go a long way to ensuring it remains looking beautiful for years.

  • The first and most crucial rule is to wipe down the shower walls and the slats at least once a week with a squeegee. If you live somewhere with “hard water”, we’d suggest doing this daily. That way soap scum and lime scale won’t have the chance to build up and congeal which is when it gets tough to remove.
  • It’s good practice to also give your shower tray and the surrounding walls a quick wipe-down with a neutral cleaner after each usage. We’d recommend using FILACLEANER or neutral soap.  
  • Remember that natural stone is exactly that: it’s natural and doesn’t have a great relationship with acids, bleach and alcohol so it’s best to stay away from any harsh cleaning products containing these.
  • One of the great properties of stone is that it stands up to hard wear and tear, so you can use a scrubbing brush on the stone slats without fear of causing damage.
  • For occasional more intensive cleaning such as the removal of hair from the plug hole, the slats of our shower trays can be easily lifted using the customised lever provided. Underneath there’s a stainless steel tray which can be cleaned in the usual manner.


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