Our story

Since 1946, Salvatori has worked closely with architects, designers and builders to provide not only practical support, but also inspiring new ways to work with stone which often challenge traditional thinking. This approach, combined with an innate solution-finding mentality and an eye for finesse and aesthetics, has led to the Salvatori name becoming synonymous with innovation, design and excellence the world over. 

Our head office is based in Northern Tuscany, on the coast just a few kilometres from the artists’ haven of Pietrasanta, and less than 30 minutes from the imposing quarries which are home to the famed Carrara marble.

Innovation is entrenched in the DNA of the company, and in fact we scored a world first right back in our earliest days when founder Guido Salvatori invented the Split Face (Spaccatello) finish in 1950.

Working with clients that count among them Armani, Bergdorf Goodman, Louis Vuitton and Boston Consulting Group, we pride ourselves on providing much more than mere product. We work alongside our partners right from the beginning of a project, with advice on the stone itself, design, installation and care, covering both practical and aesthetic aspects.

Today the third generation continues the story of innovation with CEO Gabriele Salvatori and his brother Guido at the helm.


Our inspiration

The quarries. Where it all starts. Our headquarters are dominated by the Apuan Alps, home to the imposing Carrara quarries with their gleaming white gashes. For centuries man has hewn the marble from them, treasuring the stone for its qualities of permanence and endurance. With such a backdrop to our daily lives, it is little wonder that stone is embedded in our DNA, shaping all that we do.


Our process

Naturally, everything we do starts with the quality of the raw material. We source from all over the world and, in fact, have even, on a few occasions, been the very first to discover new types of stone in some of the most far-flung and inaccessible places imaginable.

We’re prepared to keep on searching until we find the perfect stone and we’re not afraid to reject a block if it doesn’t come up to scratch. Of course, after decades of working together, our suppliers know what we expect so it’s rare these days that we receive something that doesn’t pass our litmus test. And what is that test? It’s a very simple question: “does this come up to Salvatori standards?”.

We’re also pioneers of stone cutting processes, often designing and building our own machinery to produce the unique textures and finishes we create. These purpose-built machines sit side by side in our Tuscan workshop with state-of-the-art computerised technology, water jet machines for precision cutting and vacuum equipment.

Research is also a key area for us, and here we draw not only on the expertise of our staff, some of whom have been with us for over two decades, but also by ensuring our finger is firmly on the pulse when it comes to design, trends and the environment. And, it was the latter which lead to one of our most momentous innovations: Lithoverde, 99% composed of recycled stone with a natural resin making up the remaining 1%. Not only has it been globally recognised for its contribution to the environment, but it has also been acclaimed as a beautiful stone in its own right.

We’re not resting on our laurels. Our team continues to expand as we look to come up with surprising and revolutionary new ways to work with stone, whether that’s in terms of designs, textures, products or treatments. Watch this space …

The Salvatori Academy

Located 5 minutes away from our head office is our training centre which opened in early 2015.
Spread across 600 square metres, it is fully kitted out with all our products from tiles to bathtubs to the different treatments we use.
Every week we run intensive courses for distributors, architects and partners to ensure that wherever Salvatori products are sold, clients are in the hands of experts with an indepth knowledge of what they are selling.