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Alfeo Basin designed by Elisa Ossino

The collection Fontane Bianche (White Fountains in English), comprising basins and modular storage pieces, mirrors and tap fittings, takes its inspiration from the Sicilian beach of the same name, a place close to where designer Elisa Ossino grew up.

Playing with the purity of geometric forms, the deceptively simple pieces exemplify  the  concept of “artisan craft meets precision engineering”. The uber-fine borders and delicate finishing of the basins in natural stone are offset by elegantly masculine taps, mixers and shower heads.

The Alfeo basin, created from a single block of natural stone, can be installed on its own or flanked by the Ciane series of modular drawers available in lengths of both 60cm and 90cm.

The collection is the result of a year-long creative research and development period during which Salvatori and Elisa Ossino perfected the design. The project was then entrusted to Fantini, who, with their decades of experience and expertise, were the natural choice to develop and produce the tapware. As with the Stiletto and Filo collections, Fontane Bianche is based on the Plug & Play philosophy, in that it is extremely simple to install, and comes supplied complete with waste and brackets.

The basins and floating shelves come in Bianco Carrara, Gris du Marais, Pietra d’Avola and Crema d’Orcia, while the tapware range is available in gun-metal coloured aluminium and chrome.


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Where Alfeo is to be combined with one or more Ciane drawers, the latter will be supplied with a lateral fixing plate which has a thickness of 3 mm.
The total amount of fixing plates will be the number of drawers, minus one.

All our basins leave the factory pre-sealed.

Since we do not like to paint the surface of our lovely stones with transparent paints or resins, we apply three coats of the highest possible level of protective penetrating sealant. This will preserve both your basin and the natural feel of the stone.
That said, please bear in mind that there is no sealer on the market that can make a natural stone 100% stain proof, especially if you leave the staining agent on it for a prolonged period. The sealant allows you to have a few hours between the moment the staining agent (tanning agents, coffee, etc) comes in contact with the stone and the moment you wipe it off.

So, if you spill perfume, for example, on your basin, you will need to wipe it off within a few hours to avoid permanent staining.

As far as maintenance goes, DO NOT use cleaners containing abrasive cleansers, ammonia, bleach, acid or even those “homemade remedies” made from lemon, vinegar and the like. Simply use water or a neutral detergent. It will be more than enough.

If you are a particularly assiduous cleaner, you can set your mind at rest by periodically applying a new coat of sealer.