Ishiburo Bathtub designed by Kengo Kuma

“I aspired to maximise the inherent material quality of stone. Being immersed in warm water contained within stone brings instinctive comfort to human beings”. 
These are the words of renowned architect and designer Kengo Kuma who, with Ishiburo, designed a collection which creates a truly harmonious and tranquil bathroom experience.

Available in Bianco Carrara, Crema d’Orcia, Pietra d’Avola and Silk Georgette®.

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The Ishiburo bathtub can be supplied with an access panel for inspection, so if you wish to have this, please specify on which side you would like it placed at the time of ordering.

This bathtub is compatible with either wall-mounted or freestanding taps.

Capacity: 400 litres (105⅝ gallons)

Flow rate: 48 litres (12½ gallons) / minute

Maximum water level: 300 mm (11¾")


All our bathtubs leave the factory pre-sealed.


Since we do not like to paint the surface of our lovely stones with transparent paints or resins, we apply three coats of the highest possible level of protective penetrating sealant. This will preserve both your bathtub and the natural feel of the stone. That said, please bear in mind that there is no sealer on the market that can make a natural stone 100% stain proof, especially if you leave the staining agent on it for a prolonged period. The sealant allows you to have a few hours between the moment the staining agent (tanning agents, perfume, etc) comes in contact with the stone and the moment you wipe it off.


So, if hair dye, for example, comes into contact with your bathtub, you will need to wipe it off within a few hours to avoid permanent staining. Caring for bathtubs made from stone generally requires no more effort than for those manufactured from porcelain or plastic.
The key, as for other materials, is to clean regularly so that soap scum, lime scale and the like do not have the chance to build up and congeal as this is when it becomes difficult to remove completely. As far as maintenance goes, DO NOT use cleaners containing abrasive cleansers, ammonia, bleach, acid or even those “homemade remedies” made from lemon, vinegar and the like. Simply use water or a neutral detergent. It will be more than enough.
If you are a particularly assiduous cleaner, you can set your mind at rest by periodically applying a new coat of sealer.

Ishiburo Bathtub Bianco Carrara
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