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Pietra d'Avola Essence designed by Piero Lissoni

The scent of Pietra d’Avola was inspired by its namesake limestone, a dark and elegant stone that varies in colour from greyish brown to almost black. We built the scent around a Mediterranean profile: starting from a base of white musk, amber and tobacco, it was further honed by adding woody and floral notes of cedar and jasmine.
The scent peaks with fruity flourishes of mandarin, green lemon and fig. An intense, potent fragrance, it evokes the citrus groves and sun-drenched shores of Sicily from where Pietra d’Avola takes its name.
For Salvatori, design does not just mean individual items of furniture or accessories.
It goes beyond, to encompass a holistic concept, creating environments which embody our values and our vision. With our range of scented candles we see this brought full circle.

Our candles are encased in smoky grey glass, its colour carefully chosen for the moody, meditative atmosphere it suggests.
This is then nestled in a delicately rounded vessel carved from a single piece of Pietra d'Avola, a rich chocolate-brown stone which adds a touch of warm luxury to any setting in the words of Piero Lissoni, "the stone, like the foundations of a building, becomes the supporting structure upon which the object emerges".

60 hours_300g - 10.58 oz

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Olfactory pyramid

Top notes:
Mandarin, Green lemon, Fruits of the forest, Lime, Fig

Middle notes:
Fine wood, Wildflowers, Jasmine

Base notes:
White musk, Amber, Tobacco

Pietra d'Avola Essence_Candle
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