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The depth of the burnished brass frame is the defining feature of the Quadro mirror. At 7.5 cm, it not only creates a bold aesthetic effect, but is also highly practical in a bathroom, allowing you to place objects on what effectively becomes a handy ledge. Available in three sizes, Quadro makes an impact whether hung horizontally or vertically.

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The frame of the mirror is made from burnished brass, and we have applied a protective coat or resin to it to minimise any tarnishing and make cleaning easier. If you use one of the many brass polishes available commercially, we would advise that you just apply a small amount and rub it thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth. Otherwise, just use warm sudsy water and a soft cloth. Avoid hot water as it can strip the protective properties of the resin coating.

Quadro Mirror 215x85.5x8
4,200 €
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