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The end of the affair designed by Michael Anastassiades

In looking to create an object to accompany his series of tables produced together with Salvatori,  Michael Anastassiades wanted to stay with the theme of stone. Drawing on his fascination with Suiseki, the ancient Japanese art of stone appreciation, he envisaged a trio of volcanoes and the natural choice was Basaltina, not only for its obvious geological link but also for the darkness of the material itself.

“I chose volcanoes because  of the way they reflect Suiseki which is all about aspects such as longevity, stability and immortality. That’s precisely what stone and volcanoes exemplify to me” explains the designer. “There’s also that underlying hint of dormant danger and power and of course volcanoes have long been seen as venerable objects of worship over the centuries. I’m intrigued by that sense of menace and then, working with Salvatori who are of course an Italian company, it seemed natural to choose local volcanoes as the inspiration for the forms”.

This is a limited edition series and only thirteen of each of the three designs will be produced.

Stromboli 25,5 x 32,5 x H 13,6 cm | 31½" x 31⅞" x H 6⅝"
Vulcano 31 x 52 x H 8,5 cm | 12¼" x 20½" x H 3⅜"
Vesuvio 81 x 80 x H16,8 cm | 10" x 12¾" x H 5⅜"

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  • Basaltina

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The End Of The Affair - Stromboli: 325 x 255 x h136
9,000 €
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