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TABL-EAU Hooks designed by Silvia Fanticelli

Designer Silvia Fanticelli’s TABL-EAU range for Salvatori combines natural stone and brass in a natural evolution of its sister collection PLAT-EAU.
Playing with sharp lines and basic geometric shapes, the pieces add a touch of restrained glamour to any bathroom setting or kitchen setting.
This is a modular collection consisting of wall rails of various lengths, simple brass hooks and a dish which can hold soap, shampoo or even jewellery.
The hooks, which come in packs of two, are designed to hang on the rails with no need for glue or screws meaning that they can be removed, added or changed at any time.

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To clean the hooks, simply wipe them with water or a neutral detergent applied to a soft cloth. Please don’t use abrasive cleaners, bleach or acid as these can damage the brass.

TABL-EAU Hooks in burnished brass
80 €
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