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Proiezioni Dining Table designed by Elisa Ossino

A series of coffee and dining table by Elisa Ossino for Salvatori, ‘Proiezioni’ takes its name from the Italian for “projections’ and refers to the effect of light on stone.
The patterns created by inlaying different shades of stone evoke the idea of an invisible cinema with shafts of light creating a play of shadows and strong geometric shapes.
Whilst the collection is based on the idea of inlaid stone, we also offer each table in a simpler version, with the top in a single colour paired with legs in a contrasting stone.

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Delivery and assembly

Every product we send out is covered by insurance during delivery.
Our Standard Delivery option means that your order will be delivered to an address at street level. We also offer the following services:
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Assembly and packaging removal
If you wish to choose either of the above services, please send an email to our customer services team at customercare@salvatori.it as soon as you have received confirmation of your order from us. We will then send you a quote. Any additional costs arising from the selection of these services are not reimbursable should the item(s) be returned.
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All tables in our Proiezioni collection leave the factory pre-sealed. Since we do not like to paint the surface of our lovely stones with transparent paints or resins, we apply three coats of the highest possible level of protective penetrating sealant.
That said, please bear in mind that there is no sealer on the market that can make natural stone 100% stain proof, especially if you leave the staining agent on it for a prolonged period. The sealant allows you to have a few hours between the moment the staining agent comes in contact with the stone and the moment you wipe it off, which is why you should remove any mark as quickly as possible.
As far as maintenance of the table top goes, just wipe it with water or a neutral detergent. Please do not use any cleaning agents, bleach or chemicals oas these can damage the lovely marble.
This piece has been treated with a neutral sealer which not only helps protects it from staining, but also ensures it is suitable for use with food. Please be aware however, that natural stone will always retain some level of absorption and therefore products with a high acid, fat or oil content should never be placed on it. Any liquids should be wiped off as quickly as possible.

Proiezioni Dining Table Bianco Carrara | Nero Marquinia 300x150x72 without inlay
22,000 €
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