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Bianco Carrara | Chevron

An evolution of our Raw texture, designed for us by Piero Lissoni, this finish was inspired by the idea of reproducing the eponymous fabric in stone.

Extremely flexible, it can be used for floors, walls and boiserie. Its natural grip and visual similarity to decking means it is also ideal around swimming pools.

The process which creates Chevron tiles is designed to preserve the natural aesthetic qualities of the stone.
As a result of this, the tiles may not be perfectly identical, however this non-uniformity is intrinsic both to the texture and the natural stone itself.

Available in Bianco Carrara, Crema d'Orcia, Pietra d'Avola, Silk Georgette®.

A note of lighting:
Lighting is a key component which significantly enhances the beauty of Chevron. The key to great lighting is that it should “wash” down or across the surface, depending whether the lines run horizontally or vertically.
We strongly recommend you consider the placement of lighting when installing Chevron.

Ideally we recommend the following:
• When working with adjustable lighting, install the light source no more than 60 cm away from the Chevron surface
• If the light is fixed, the light source should be a maximum of 30 cm away.

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More information

The small holes you may see on the surface are a natural characteristic of Bianco Carrara and should not be considered defects.


The images shown on this page are indicative of the colour and characteristics of our products but cannot be 100% representative. Being made from natural materials, every tile or slab is unique in terms of tonality, colour and characteristic. These are all subject to variation depending on the type of stone and the conditions in the quarry from where it comes.

Our stone leaves the factory untreated as the level and type of treatment will always depend on the context in which the stone is laid.
With each order we provide detailed installation instructions setting out directions for grouting, pre-treatment, gluing and final treatment.

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Chevron | designed by Salvatori

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