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Bianco Carrara | Tratti

The classic marble, sought after the world over, Bianco Carrara remains a perennial favourite and is considered the marble “par excellence”.
Used for some of the world’s most famous buildings and sculptures around the world, it comes in several different types enhanced by different vein patterns.

With Tratti, designer Elisa Ossino has taken the Salvatori texture Cotone, adding metal rods in midnight black to create a striking pattern which will become a talking point in any setting.

Available in Bianco Carrara and Pietra d’Avola.

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More information

Tratti comes in a kit containing 9 tiles (with an equal mix of sizes 9.8 x 58.6 cm - 19.8 x 58.6 cm - 29.3 x 58.6 cm) together with 9 metal inserts, ready to assemble. Each kit covers an area of 1.03 square metres.

Thickness: 1 cm



The small holes you may see on the surface are a natural characteristic of Bianco Carrara and should not be considered defects.


The images shown on this page are indicative of the colour and characteristics of our products but cannot be 100% representative. Being made from natural materials, every tile or slab is unique in terms of tonality, colour and characteristic. These are all subject to variation depending on the type of stone and the conditions in the quarry from where it comes.

Our stone leaves the factory untreated as the level and type of treatment will always depend on the context in which the stone is laid.

With each order we provide detailed installation instructions setting out directions for grouting, pre-treatment, gluing and final treatment.