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Silk Georgette® | Dune

Silk Georgette® is what could be described as “greige”: a harmonious combination of grey and beige.
An elegant and classic stone, its unique waves of different greyish hues give it the appearance of luxurious draped fabric.

Available in Honed together with our Bamboo, Raw, Romboo, Chevron, Dune and Ishiburo textures.

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The dark quartz-like veins that you will see are a natural characteristic of Silk Georgette®. They are not cracks and do not represent any risk of breakage or fracturing. This stone also generally contains slight reddish marking and again, this is absolutely normal and should not be considered a defect.


The images shown on this page are indicative of the colour and characteristics of our products but cannot be 100% representative. Being made from natural materials, every tile or slab is unique in terms of tonality, colour and characteristic. These are all subject to variation depending on the type of stone and the conditions in the quarry from where it comes.

Our stone leaves the factory untreated as the level and type of treatment will always depend on the context in which the stone is laid. With each order we provide detailed installation instructions setting out directions for grouting, pre-treatment, gluing and final treatment.

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Dune | designed by Salvatori

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