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Bergdorf Goodmann

When the well-trodden floors of New York department store Bergdorf Goodman were in need of an upgrade, the owners were clear that it be replaced with the same classic vein-cut Roman travertine that had been used when the store was built way back in 1899. 

There was a slight hitch, however: that particular travertine had been sourced from the Roman Barco quarry which, after centuries of supplying stone, including for the Colosseum, was now closed.
However, by carefully and minutely examining all the colour variations of the original floor we were able to find travertine with a near-identical vein and colour in a nearby quarry and within two months it was delivered and installed in its new Manhattan home.

DESIGNER: Barteluce Architects
MATERIAL: Light Travertine

LOCATION: Fifth Avenue, New York