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Giorgio Armani Rome

We have worked closely with Giorgio Armani’s team on a number of projects across the years, developing design concepts and supplying stone for not only his stores in destinations from Moscow to New York, from Riyadh to Hamburg, but also for his stunning hotels in Dubai and Milan.

As an Italian company, however, it was particularly special to be a key partner in the development of his flagship store on Rome’s prestigious via Condotti.

The importance of this store within the Armani portfolio was emphasised by the choice of Rome as the location for the 2013 One Night Only event. Coinciding with the store’s opening and hosted by Giorgio Armani himself, it showcased designs from the designer’s Emporio, Privé and Armani collections.
As for the store itself, its 900 square metres have been laid out over three floors to reflect the Armani ethos of simplicity and elegance.
Featuring walls draped in silvery-grey fabric, transparent shelving and teak counters, the overall impression is one of tranquillity and understatement, set off to perfection by 700 square metres of Salvatori Silk Georgette® stone tile flooring.

And, just as an Armani bespoke suit is made to measure, so was the design concept developed in detail with our client, the stone carefully selected and cut to size.
The result is a space which evokes the gentle pace of time gone by whilst reflecting the contemporary twist of the clothing itself.

DESIGN: Armani Design Team
MATERIAL: Silk Georgette